PTA Report Lost/Stolen Mobile Block SIM/Phone By IMEI Numbers Latest News

Various people are caught in cell phone thefts daily because the thief is turning all over the cities and easily snatched the smartphones in seconds and run on their motorbikes, that’s why Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has put in place a great system especially for the public to reveal their problem and PTA Report Lost/Snatched Mobile … Read more

In the terrorist attack in North Waziristan, 1 soldier was martyred and 14 others were injured.

WAZIRISTAN DU NORD : Samedi, un convoi des forces de sécurité a été attaqué dans la sous-division Mir Ali du district du Waziristan du Nord, tuant un soldat et en bénissant 14 autres, dont des civils. L’attaque a été revendiquée par le Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) interdite. Selon des responsables locaux, un convoi de forces de … Read more