Federal Board of Revenue Check NTN Number from CNIC Number Online

The (FBR) was established in 1924 as a division of the Central Board of Revenue. It is an enforcement agency that assigns the national tax number to all wealthy citizens of the country. The NTN number is the personal identification number of wealthy individuals. It is the responsibility of the FBR to collect taxes from these people on a monthly and annual basis. These are the crucial questions on how to check NTN number online.
The Federal Board of Revenue issues NTNs (National Tax Numbers) as well as NTN registration numbers and access codes. The NTN number was sometimes assigned by FBR as 13 digits. NADRA identifies the card number used as the NTN number of an individual and a taxpayer.

How to Check NTN Number Online FBR Website For this, all companies, factories and associations are assigned a National Tax Number (NTN). This is an essential message regarding how to get and check NTN numbers online from the official FBR website.

If you want to check the NTN number online, go to the official website of FBR.

Go to https://e.fbr.gov.pk/authlogin.aspx.

Go to the “Find Taxpayers” section of this website.
You will notice the following option: Active Sales Tax Taxpayer, Active Taxpayer (IT), NTN Inquiry, Locate yourself NTN Check in Digits.

Choose “NTN Survey” from the drop-down menu.

Click Active Sales Tax Taxpayer to know how to check NTN number online by CNIC or NTN number.

The Federal Board of Revenue has published the protocol online for verifying NTN numbers by CNIC number. NTN No is reserved for taxpayer agencies, companies and associations who want to check NTN confirmation online. Today, the government of Pakistan issued a proclamation allowing anyone to use FBR Filer in their tax return and view human assets and fixed costs for the entire fiscal year. Visit the link below for more details.

Federal Board of Revenue Check NTN Number from CNIC Number Online

Click here to Check NTN Number Online

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