In the terrorist attack in North Waziristan, 1 soldier was martyred and 14 others were injured.

WAZIRISTAN DU NORD : Samedi, un convoi des forces de sécurité a été attaqué dans la sous-division Mir Ali du district du Waziristan du Nord, tuant un soldat et en bénissant 14 autres, dont des civils.

L’attaque a été revendiquée par le Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) interdite.

Selon des responsables locaux, un convoi de forces de sécurité et d’employés de la Marri Petroleum Company se rendait du Nord-Waziristan à Bannu lorsqu’un pousse-pousse a heurté le véhicule des forces dans la sous-division de Khajori.
“This rickshaw was parked on the side of the road in the middle of parked vehicles when it suddenly appeared and collided with a security force vehicle,” a local official said.

The military’s media wing initially made no official statement. However, Interagency Public Relations said on Sunday that one soldier was killed and 14 others injured in the attack.

According to a local official, the area was cordoned off immediately after the blast and the injured were airlifted to the Combined Military Hospital in Bannu. Two of the injured were in critical condition.
On December 15, a similar incident took place in the district’s Sargardan neighborhood when a suicide bomber on a motorbike targeted a security force convoy, killing three civilians and injuring 14 others, including nine members. security personnel.

One person was killed in the Kurram explosion.

On Saturday, an old, rusting mortar shell exploded in the mountainous region of central Kurram, killing one man and seriously injuring another, according to the state-run APP.
According to reports, two men, Mujahid and Zaira Gul of the Mamozai tribe had gone into the forest to cut wood after arriving from Suveri Ali Sherzai locality, a distant confluence of Kurram and Orakzai districts, where they discovered an old and rusty mortar shell. According to reports, it exploded as they dug it up, injuring them both. A Rescue 1122 team rushed to the scene and transported them to Ghaljo Mela Hospital in Orakzai, where one of them died.

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