PTA Report Lost/Stolen Mobile Block SIM/Phone By IMEI Numbers Latest News

Various people are caught in cell phone thefts daily because the thief is turning all over the cities and easily snatched the smartphones in seconds and run on their motorbikes, that’s why Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has put in place a great system especially for the public to reveal their problem and PTA Report Lost/Snatched Mobile Block Phone SIM Block from IMEI numbers online Register their complaints.

Pakistan’s official websites are PTA, CPLC and IMEI PTA on this web page without any difficulty all the complaint procedures which we explain below to check it. How to Track Your Mobile IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) Number All expensive mobile devices have a 14-digit IMEI number, which is printed behind the serial number on the devices. The internet is the best way to find and locate your mobile devices, and the administration’s legal department monitors all communication activity.

How to report a stolen/lost mobile block to PTA

Anyone can just type in the write message box and dial *#06# to have their IMEI number displayed on their screen, then write on paper and save wherever they want. If your Android phone is stolen, you can get the IMEI number hidden behind the original set.

PTA Report Lost/Tolen Mobile Block Best Support Line or Toll-Free Number

It is very easy to report stolen cell phones online and block your Mobilink Jazz, Warid, Ufone, Pak Zong and Telenor SIMS details using the form below. The helpline number and toll-free number displayed for lost/stolen SIMs from the PTA report mobile block are listed below.

  1. The PTA number 0800-25625 is a toll-free number where you can register your complaint.
  2. Call Police 15 to report your missing mobile phone for recovery,
  3. 021-5682222 to contact CPLC (Citizens’ Police Liaison Committee) on this number to report your lost/stolen mobile phone online.

Fax Number #: 021-5683336

Email Address: [email protected]

How to Block All Network SIM Cards

Call the helpline of your mobile network to immediately block your SIM card, providing the necessary information to the assistants.

Pakistan Network Helpline Numbers

  • Warid (321)
  • Jazz (111)
  • Telenor (345)
  • Ufone (333)
  • Zong (310)

To block its SIM cards, you will need your personal information such as full name, mobile number, national identity card number, address, IMEI number and contact number.


PTA Report Lost/Stolen Mobile Block IMEI number can be found on these legal websites.

Some simple steps you can follow are PTA Report Lost/Stolen Mobile Block Complaint and How to Block SIM Card Phones Online. Please read the entire article for more information on how to complete the entire cell phone theft procedure.

PTA Report Lost/Stolen Mobile Block SIM/Phone By IMEI Numbers Latest News

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